AABANY Holds its 2024 Annual Meeting of Members at King & Spalding on February 13

On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, AABANY held its Annual Meeting of Members at King & Spalding. President Karen Kim called the meeting to order and established quorum. The main order of business was conducting the election for the 2025 Board of Directors and Officers and voting on a proposed revision to the bylaws to set term limits for certain Committee Chairs.

Treasurer Jasmine Ball gave the Treasurer’s Report, sharing information about AABANY’s financial performance through September 30, 2023. Membership Committee Co-Chair Ashley Shan presented the Membership Director’s Report in place of Membership Director Christopher Bae, who was not able to attend.

President Karen Kim presented the Annual Report of the Board, summarizing the major activities of AABANY during the past year, and thanked the Board members for their service during the past year.

Executive Director Yang Chen presented highlights of Committee activities. Following the reports, awards were presented to honor AABANY leaders and committees for their dedication to AABANY during the 2024 fiscal year.

The following awards were presented:

Committee of the Year: Student Outreach Committee

The Committee of the Year Award was given to the Student Outreach Committee for their dedication and commitment to advancing the mission of AABANY and providing enriching programming and activities that benefits not only law students but AABANY’s membership and community as a whole.

Program of the Year: Winter Soiree 2024

The Program of the Year Award was given to the Winter Soiree. Held on January 25th, 2024, the In-House and Corporate Law Committees led the biggest and best Soiree to date for AABANY, successfully bringing together in-house counsel, law firm attorneys, AABANY Board members, Committee Chairs, and a record number of sponsors for this marquee event.

Member of the Year: William Lee

The Member of the Year Award was presented to William Lee for his commitment to serving the AABANY Student Outreach Committee, his steadfast leadership and mentorship, and his contribution to the advancement of AABANY’s mission, programs, and activities over the years.

Student of the Year: Joon Choe

The Student of the Year Award is new and was presented for the first time to Joon Choe, Fordham Law School, class of 2024, for giving his time to advancing AABANY’s mission, programs, and activities through his constant and trustworthy volunteer service.

Honorable Mentions: Pro Bono & Community Service Committee and Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee

An honorable mention was presented to the Pro Bono & Community Service Committee for their pro bono clinics in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn that continue to serve an under-represented and under-resourced population, and for providing AABANY’s members with the opportunity to volunteer and support New York’s AAPI and immigrant communities.

An honorable mention was also presented to the Solo and Small Firm Committee for their unique and innovative programs and events that have benefited and enhanced the lives and experiences of AABANY members in solo and small firm practice.

Congratulations to all the honorees for the recognition of their achievements and hard work during the 2024 fiscal year.

After the presentation of awards, Karen announced the election results. The following officers were elected to serve a one-year term for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2024 and ending March 31, 2025 (the “2025 Fiscal Year”):

Benjamin Hsing


Jeffrey Mok

Vice President, Programs and Operations

Ashley Shan

Vice President, Programs and Operations

Jasmine Ball


David Mou


Alysha Naik

Membership Director

Varuna Bhattacharyya

Development Director

The following candidates were elected as Directors to serve two-year terms beginning on the first day of the 2025 Fiscal Year:

Christopher Bae
Vishal Chander
Grace Fu
William Hao
Gigio Ninan
Lawrence Wee
Jennifer Wu
Kevin Yam
Dwight Yoo

At the meeting, the following proposal was voted on: To amend AABANY’s by-laws to establish term limits for certain Committee Chairs by setting a four (4) year term limit for Committee Chairs, excluding Chairs of any Standing Committees, taking effect on the first day of the 2025 Fiscal Year.

This amendment was passed.

We thank everyone who attended the Annual Meeting and everyone who voted, whether by proxy or in person. Congratulations to all the newly-elected Officers and Directors.

Special thank you goes out to AABANY President-Elect Joseph Eng and the wonderful staff at King & Spalding for hosting AABANY’s 2024 Annual Meeting.

AABANY Congratulates the Newly-Elected AAJANY Board

AABANY applauds Judge Shababudeen Ally and Justice Ushir Pandit-Durant’s election on February 15 as President and Vice-President of the Asian American Judges Association of New York (AAJANY). Both Judge Ally and Justice Pandit-Durant are AABANY members.

Judge Ally is a Supervising Judge of the Civil Court in New York County. He became the first Muslim male elected to New York City Civil Court in 2018 and the first South Asian Supervising Judge in 2020. Judge Ally began his legal career as a staff attorney with the New York City Administration for Children’s Services. Judge Ally then went to work for the NYC Law Department as an Assistant Corporation Counsel. For a decade prior to his time on the bench, Judge Ally operated his own law practice specializing in family and criminal law.

Judge Pandit-Durant is a Justice of the Queens County Supreme Court. Judge Pandit-Durant became the first South Asian judge elected to New York State Supreme Court in Queens and the first South Asian woman judge elected in New York State in 2018. Judge Pandit-Duran began her career as a Prosecutor in the Queens County District Attorney’s Office, serving there with distinction for 25 years before being elected to New York City Civil Court in 2015, becoming the first South Asian to hold that elected office.

On March 2, in an article entitled “Asian American judicial org. works to diversify bench,” the Queens Eagle wrote Asian judges are the “least represented racial or ethnic group on the bench,” making up 6 percent of Queens’s judiciary. In the Queens’s Family Court, “there is only one Asian judge and there are no Asian American judges in the Borough’s housing Court.” In comparison, “White judges account for around 66 percent, 17 percent of judges are Latino and 17 percent are Black,” according to the Office of Court Administration data cited by the Queens Eagle.

This lack of AAPI judicial representation is further exacerbated by the overall increase of Queens’s total population. Data cited by the Queens Eagle indicates that Asian Americans account for the largest population growth of 29 percent in Queens, “outpacing the borough’s overall 7.8 percent growth.”

Judge Ally told the Queens Eagle that though there is a lot of work left to be done, diversity efforts on the bench appear to be headed in the right direction. AAJANY’s board includes three other AAPI judges from Queens: Queens Civil Court Judge Changyong Li is the secretary, recently-elected Queens Supreme Court, Criminal Term Judge Karen Gopee is the treasurer and Queens Supreme Court, Criminal Term Judge Francis Wang is now a member of the Board of Directors. AAJANY’s Board of Directors also includes Hon. Lillian Wan, Hon. Meredith Vacca, Hon. Karen M.C. Cortes, and Hon. Shorab Ibrahim.

To read more about the AAJANY election, please click here.

Congratulations to Judge Ally, Justice Durant, and all the newly-elected Board members of AAJANY. Thank you for all you do to represent the AAPI community and to enhance diversity and inclusion on the bench.

AABANY Welcomes the Officers and Directors of the FY2022 Board

AABANY’s new fiscal year began on April 1, 2021. Terrence Shen is now the President of AABANY and Sapna Palla is the Immediate Past President. We are pleased to welcome this year’s Officers and Directors.

Terrence Shen

William Ng

Immediate Past President
Sapna Palla

Vice Presidents of Programs and Operations
Joseph Eng
Cynthia Lam

Development Director
Margaret T. Ling

Director of Technology
Francis Chin

William Hao

Christopher S. Bae

Membership Director
Beatrice Leong

Executive Director
Yang Chen

Board of Directors
Jasmine Ball
Una A. Dean
Jeff Ikejiri
Suzanne Kim
Edward Y. Kim
Chris Kwok
Naf Kwun
Won S. Shin
David Sohn
Kazuko Wachter
P. Bartlett Wu
Karen Yau
Andy Yoo

To view the bios of the AABANY Directors and Officers, click here.

At-Large Board Member Applications

Deadline | Aug. 4, 2017, at 8 p.m. EDT

Submit an Application

The NAPABA Elections and Nominating Committee is now accepting applications for At-Large Board Members.

  • Review the complete guidelines and apply here.
  • The deadline to submit an application is Aug. 4, 2017, at 8 p.m. EDT.

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association | 1612 K St. NW, Suite 510 | Washington, D.C. 20006 | www.napaba.org

AALFNY call for applications for Board positions

The Asian American Law Fund of New York (“AALFNY”) is soliciting applications for positions on its Board of Directors.

is a non-profit organization established in 1993 by the Asian American
Bar Association of New York (“AABANY”) to support non-profit, charitable
and education purposes, such as scholarships and internship programs in
the New York metropolitan area.  AALFNY has an independent Board but
remains affiliated with AABANY and continues to work in close
coordination with AABANY on fundraising and pro bono programs.  AALFNY’s
mission statement and information about its scholarships and past
projects can be found here.

apply, please submit a statement of interest and a current resume,
biography or CV listing your experience and accomplishments and any
honors received to date.  As part of the statement of interest, please
indicate your experience with AALFNY, AABANY, NAPABA, or other relevant
organization, whether you have been an active member of such
organization, and describe any activities that you have participated in
or helped to organize. If you have not been an active member in any such
organization, explain what capabilities, resources, talents, skills,
expertise, experience or any other contributions you would be able to
make as a Board Director. Please also identify any activities indicating
a dedication and commitment to issues of importance to the Asian
Pacific American community.

Please submit your application materials to Sylvia Chin, President, at [email protected] and Naf Kwun, Secretary, at [email protected].  Applications are due by 11:59 PM on April 10, 2016.


The NAPABA Nominating and Elections Committee is accepting nominations for election to the officer positions of NAPABA for the 2014-2015 term. NAPABA is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional organization founded in 1989, representing the interests of over 40,000 APA lawyers, law students, and judges throughout North America and abroad.

The qualifications for NAPABA office are listed in the NAPABA Nominating and Election Rules. In order to be nominated as a candidate for a NAPABA officer position, candidates are required to submit a completed nomination petition form and a personal statement on or before July 14, 2014.

Click here for the nomination petition form or more information on the election guidelines.

Congratulations to Margaret Ling!


Margaret Ling, who has actively served AABANY as Co-Chair of the Real Estate Committee and as a Director on the Board, has been newly appointed as Co-Chair of the Asia Practice Committee of the New York County Lawyers’ Association. We look forward to the bond that Margaret will help foster between the two organizations. Thank you to Vincent Chang for his invitation to bring Margaret to NYCLA, a New York legal community with over 9,000 members. 

Please join AABANY in congratulating Margaret for her well-deserved appointment. 

Welcome the New AABANY Officers & Board of Directors!


Clara J. Ohr
Hess Corporation


William Wang
Lee Anav Chung White & Kim LLP

Immediate Past President

Mike F. Huang
Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP

Vice President, Programs and Operations

Gurinder Singh
Miller Canfield P.L.C.

Vice President, Finance and Development

Bobby Liu
M.D. Sass Investors Services, Inc.


Jane Chuang
Lee Anav Chung White & Kim LLP

Membership Secretary

Irene W. Tan
AIG Property Casualty

Recording Secretary

Naf Kwun
Lee Anav Chung White & Kim LLP

Board of Directors

Francis H. Chin
Brooklyn Law School

James P. Chou
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

Steve Chung*
NBC Universal

Jean Lee
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Robert W. Leung
Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP

Karen Lim
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.

James Lin
New York County District Attorney’s Office

Linda S. Lin
Liberty International Underwriters

Teena-Ann V. Sankoorikal
Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

Susan Shin*
Arnold & Porter LLP

Pauline Yeung-Ha*
Grimaldi & Yeung LLP

Yang Chen (Ex Officio)
Executive Director, AABANY


The Officers will be serving for one year while Directors serve for two years. Most of our Directors are in their second year while those with an asterisk next to their names are beginning their two-year term this year. AABANY’s year runs from April 1 to March 31.

Please join us in welcoming our Officers and Directors for 2014-15. 


CONTACT: Edward Friedland, 212-805-0500


        The Board of Judges of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has revised its policy regarding the use of personal electronic devices and general purpose computing devices. A copy of the new policy is attached to this notice.

        The new policy allows members of the bar of any court, with the advance written permission from the judge presiding and subject to security screening, to bring one or more personal electronic devices or general purpose computing devices into the courthouses for that trial.

        Attorneys who are admitted in the Southern District of New York and have a valid New York State Office of Court Administration Secure Pass should still apply for an SDNY Secure Pass, which permits the holder to bring a personal electronic device into the courthouse. For more information on how to obtain a SDNY Service Pass, visit the court’s website at http://nysd.uscourts.gov/file/forms/attorney-service-pass-application.

AABANY Board: Call for Nominations – Deadline March 13, 2014

The amendment to AABANY’s By-Laws approved at our 2014 Annual Meeting increased the number of Directors by two thereby creating two new Director vacancies that the Board intends to fill at its March 18, 2014 Board Meeting. The Nominations Committee welcomes and will accept applications to fill these vacancies immediately, and will select a slate of candidates to be recommended for the Board’s consideration at its March 18, 2014 meeting.

If you wish to run for any of the above vacancies, you must be a current, paid member of AABANY. If you are unsure of your membership status, contact Irene Tan, Membership Secretary, at [email protected]. Please also submit (i) a statement of interest declaring your intent to run; and (ii) a current resume, biography or CV listing your experience and accomplishments and any honors received to date. As part of item (i) please indicate your experience with AABANY if you have been an active member, describing any activities that you have participated in or helped to organize. If you have not been an active member in AABANY, explain what capabilities, resources, talents, skills, expertise, experience or any other contributions you would be able to make as a Board member. Please also identify any activities indicating a dedication and commitment to issues of importance to the Asian Pacific American community.

For a description of the qualifications, duties and obligations of Directors please see Articles IV of AABANY’s By-laws which can be found at:


Deadlines for submissions: March 13, 2014

You can e-mail your submissions in Word or PDF to [email protected]. You can also fax them to (718) 228-7206 if you prefer to use fax. If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact Mike Huang, Chair of the Nominations Committee, at [email protected].