FALA New York Accepting Nominations for Annual Awards!

FALA New York is committed to encouraging and recognizing innovative leadership that advances New York’s vibrant and growing Filipino-American community.  We are therefore pleased to announce that we are accepting nominations for the first ever annual FALA New York Rising Star / FALA New York Business Trailblazer / and FALA New York Civic Visionary Awards!  Awards will be presented to recipients at the FALA New York Annual Dinner on July 20, 2016, to be held at the New York City Bar.  We invite you to take this opportunity to tell us about someone who should be honored for their accomplishments and contributions. 

FALA New York Rising Star Award 

The FALA New York Rising Star award recognizes lawyers who have been practicing law for no more than ten years, have demonstrated outstanding promise in their  respective fields, and whose achievements have led to a significant and ongoing positive impact for Filipino-Americans in New York.   Special consideration will be given to nominees who show tremendous promise and potential as a future leader of the Filipino-American legal community. 

FALA New York Business Trailblazer Award 

The FALA New York Business Trailblazer applauds innovators in the private sector whose record reflects exceptional commitment and substantial contributions to the Filipino-American community. This award category recognizes business leaders who have pioneered innovative practices or broken new ground in the marketplace, or have invested significantly in fostering a stronger community.

FALA New York Civic Visionary Award 

The FALA New York Civic Visionary Award honors individuals and programs that exemplify excellence and dedication to serving the needs of Filipino-Americans in New York. This award recognizes outstanding service or extraordinary accomplishments in the public, non-profit, or government sectors, and in a broad range of fields–including the arts, academia, or the legal profession. Award recipients demonstrate exceptional commitment and advocacy in connection with issues that impact the lives of Filipino-Americans.  

Please submit your nominations to [email protected] with “Annual Award Nomination” in the subject line by midnight on June 6, 2016, and let us know why you think the individual or program should be recognized.  

At a minimum, nominations should include: 

  1. name of person submitting nomination; 
  2. nominee’s name; 
  3. nominee’s company/organizational affiliation; 
  4. nominee’s website, if any; 
  5. award for which the nomination is being submitted; and 
  6. a brief summary of the nominee’s accomplishments/basis for nomination.