AABANY IP Committee Hosts A Night of Authentic Cantonese Cuisine

On May 30, 2023, the IP Committee gathered at Dim Sum Palace for their first Committee dinner of the new fiscal year. Members, non-members and newcomers connected and conversed over delicious Cantonese Chinese dishes ordered family style, starting with dim sum like Shrimp Har Gow and moving on to Peking Duck wraps, Spicy Fish Fillet, Beef Chow Fun and more. Our lively conversations touched upon the recent developments and potential trajectory of AI technology as it relates to the legal industry, the recent decision in the Andy Warhol case, and the pains of becoming dual-admitted in California.

The IP Committee welcomed several first-time attendee law students and intern, and was also graced with the presence of Yang Chen, AABANY’s Executive Director, and Beatrice Leong, VP of Programs and Operations. It was Beatrice’s birthday, and we enjoyed a birthday cake to help her celebrate. Long-standing IP Committee members and newcomers alike enjoyed lively discussions over an endless array of authentic Cantonese cuisine.

A special thanks to those who were able to join us for our event and we are always looking forward to seeing more faces! If you are interested, please sign up for the IP Committee mailing list and look out for our next event. To learn more about the IP Committee, please visit: https://www.aabany.org/page/145.

AABANY IP Committee Hosts Dinner at Dim Sum Palace

The AABANY IP Committee gathered once again for a night of authentic Cantonese Chinese soul food at Dim Sum Palace on Wednesday, September 14. We started off with the traditional and all-favorite Peking Duck, which was served in small pieces wrapped in pillow-soft buns with cucumber and scallion, moved on to Deep-Fried Shrimp and Scallop, Beef Chow Fun and Shanghai Fried Rice, among other dishes, and finished off with the perfect dessert: Sweet Egg Yolk Creamy Bun.

With the seemingly endless stream of soul food spinning around on the Lazy Susans, the IP Committee welcomed a wide range of folks in the legal community: law students with a background in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, law firm associates with an expertise in IP litigation and in-house counsel practicing entertainment and media law, to name a few. As always, long-time members and familiar faces of the IP Committee gave a warm welcome to first-time attendees to discuss career trajectories, different environments of law firms and in-house roles and more. This event was the first dinner held since late July, and it was certainly worth the wait!

The AABANY IP Committee always welcomes first-time attendees and familiar faces alike. If you are interested in joining us for our next event, whether it be a movie showing, musical performance or dinner gathering, please join the IP Committee’s mailing list by contacting [email protected], and also keep an eye out for IP Committee events on AABANY’s Calendar page. To learn more about the AABANY IP Committee, take a couple minutes to look over our committee’s subpage on AABANY’s website.

Academic Committee Hosts Annual Holiday Lunch at Dim Sum Palace

On Tuesday, December 17, the Academic Committee hosted their Annual Holiday Lunch at Dim Sun Palace in the East Village. Academic Committee Co-Chairs, Prof. Elaine Chiu (St. John’s), Prof. Suzanne Kim (Rutgers), and Prof. Donna Lee (CUNY) played hosts to a full table of members of friends who came to meet the Committee’s leadership and find out what events and plans they have in store for the balance of the 2019 fiscal year and beyond. Elaine, Suzanne, and Donna encouraged everyone to to save the date for a Pathways to Academia program being planned for January 24. They also asked for ideas and suggestions on how to get law students more involved with community service, such as by volunteering at the Pro Bono Clinic.

The fare at Dim Sum Palace was plentiful, varied, and delicious, and everyone enjoyed the dishes that were served. The weather outside was gloomy and damp but around our very full table, we were able to share a warm and satisfying meal among good company.

To learn more about the Academic Committee and how you can get more involved with it go to https://www.aabany.org/page/352 .

Happy Holidays!