Intellectual Property Committee Hosts Dinner at Mama Fina’s on June 20

On Thursday, June 20, the Asian American Bar Association of New York’s Intellectual Property (IP) Committee hosted a dinner at Mama Fina’s, renowned as the House of Filipino Sisig. New and returning members attended the dinner, eager to meet and catch up with one another.

For some attendees, the dinner was an eye-opening experience as this was their first time exploring Filipino cuisine. Attendees enjoyed Filipino classics such as their light and flavorful lumpia, unforgettable crispy lechon, and of course, their famous fragrant and savory sisig, all shared family style. Safe to say, many attendees left Mama Fina’s as newfound lovers of the cuisine.

At the dinner, members bonded over endless discussions on various intriguing topics such as hometowns, pop culture, and AI. Some Canadian members of the committee had an unexpected encounter with one another, and gave travel advice to committee members that have travel plans in Canada. From there, discussions ensued on music and the use of AI in recent songs. Practicing lawyers gave their two cents on the use of AI in music, and how AI has and will continue to affect the legal field. Attendees conversed for about two hours at the dinner, leaving content and well-fed.

Thank you to those who joined us for the wonderful evening. To learn more about the IP Committee and how to get more involved, click here.