NAPABA Announces Launch of New Program: The NAPABA ADR Institute

November 6-7, 2024 | Seattle, WA
Application Opens July 9, 2024

NAPABA is proud to launch its newest program, the NAPABA ADR Institute. This multi-day career and skills development program will provide a broad overview of the practice and substantive, hands-on training to members who are interested in pursuing a career in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This program aims to diversify the pool of mediators and arbitrators in the United States and to increase the use of mediation and arbitration by those who attend the training.

The training is designed for:

  • those interested in incorporating work as a mediator or arbitrator while still advocating;
  • those who are interested in pursuing a judicial career and will benefit from serving as a neutral to gain valuable experience before applying for or running for a judicial position; and
  • those who wish to pursue a career as a full-time mediator and/or arbitrator, either ad hoc or by joining an ADR provider.

Learn more about this exciting new program and add a calendar reminder for July 9, when applications open.

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