CALL FOR QUOTES: Reactions to Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration

Dear AABANY Members,

The Immigration & Nationality Law Committee is in the process of writing a short article to be included in the next issue of the AABANY Advocate, our quarterly newsletter which will be distributed at the Annual Dinner, and we want YOUR voice to be included in this piece. We know you’ve been posting on social media, attending rallies, and educating your friends and families about what’s been going on in the immigration world…and we applaud you! Now it’s time to tell our stories “on the record” to the AABANY legal community, honorees, guests, and sponsors.

Please share stories and quotes we can use in the article about:

  • Your personal/emotional reaction when you learned of the executive orders. Many of us are immigrants ourselves or were born of immigrants, so the experiences of the detained immigrants arriving in the US over the weekend really hit home for us. Tell us how you felt, and what you did in response.
  • How your practice has been affected by the executive orders. How have your conversations with immigrant clients changed? How has your legal strategy shifted? What do you expect for the future of your business? Feel free to share even if you are not an immigration law practitioner, as immigration issues effect many other areas of the law as well.  

Please send your stories and quotations by this Friday, February 3 at 11:59 pm.  Email these quotes to [email protected].

All the best,

Amanda J. Bernardo
Co-chair, AABANY Immigration Law Committee