Why We Rise is a compelling new documentary short featuring three brave young Asian New Yorkers who reveal what it’s like to grow up without having legal immigration status. Their struggles and their strength are on full display as they come out of the shadows and into the light. 

[Recently], the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-5 on an immigration bill that will soon be considered by the entire Senate. Although it contains many positive changes, the new immigration bill undercuts family unity, props up programs that exploit immigrant workers, and provides only a long and harrowing path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. 

We hope you’ll watch Why We Rise and share the link with your friends. The film provides a unique glimpse into the lives of real individuals affected by immigration reform and will remind you about why AALDEF’s work to defend immigrant rights is so important. 


On March 28, AABANY joined many APA community groups at a Town Hall meeting to call for real immigration reform. The event was held at LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, Queens. Tsui Yee, Co-Chair of the Immigration and Nationality Law Committee, and Yang Chen, Executive Director, represented AABANY. At the Town Hall Meeting, many speakers from various APA community groups spoke of the need for comprehensive immigration reform that kept families together and addressed the needs of APA communities. The next major event will be a rally in Washington, DC, on April 10. Details on that can be found at


Climate for Change: Overhauling a Broken Immigration System

Congratulations, Rio Guerrero, Co-Chair, Immigration and Nationality Law Committee, on being published in the ABA Litigation Section Minority Trial Lawyer! 

The sun set on pragmatic and broad immigration law relief on April 30, 2001, and few could have predicted that a decade would pass before we would see any rays of hope. Indeed, the post-9/11 anti-immigrant rhetoric and vitriol have raged for more than a decade, but in recent years a chorus of voices supporting immigration-law reform has grown louder, achieving piecemeal improvements and calling for a comprehensive solution to our country’s broken immigration system. Today, almost unexpectedly, we finally begin to see meaningful change emerging on the horizon. 

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