The Asian American Law Journal at Berkeley Law is Accepting Submissions for its 2022-2023 Volume!

What is the Asian American Law Journal (AALJ)? AALJ is one of only two law journals in the United States focused on Asian American communities. Since 1993, they have provided a scholarly forum for exploring unique legal concerns of Asian Americans, including but not limited to East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities. Each annual volume typically contains articles, book reviews, essays, and other contributions from scholars, practitioners, and students.

What topics and issues does AALJ feature? AALJ welcomes commentary, analysis, and research on the diverse experiences of Asian Americans, particularly at the intersections of gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, and race. For example, their recent publications have explored Asian American women in the #MeToo movement, the impact of Supreme Court decisions on citizenship, and Asian Americans and affirmative action. They especially welcome scholarship on timely issues such as critical race theory, recent judicial opinions impacting Asian American communities, and Asian Americans’ roles in advocating for racial justice and BIPOC solidarity. 

Is there a specific format or word limit? AALJ recognizes that the format of traditional law review articles may limit the ability to capture the ways in which the law intersects with lived experience. Therefore, in addition to academic articles, AALJ also welcomes essays and other written formats that reflect Asian American community issues. Consider their archives for references. (Recently, AALJ has enjoyed Professor Carlos Hiraldo’s Arroz Frito with Salsa: Asian Latinos and the Future of the United States, Professor Mari Matsuda’s Planet Asian America, and Professor Robert Chang’s article, AALJ’s inaugural piece, Toward an Asian American Legal Scholarship.)

Is there a deadline? Yes, all submissions are due by Monday, August 15th, 2022, though they make publication offers on a rolling basis. Please send your submissions via email to [email protected] or through Scholastica.

What does the publication process look like? Over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year, the AALJ team will work with you to provide substantive feedback on your piece, in addition to cite-checking and formatting your article for publication.

What if I have more questions? Please send AALJ an email! They would love to connect.

I don’t have anything to submit, but I know someone who might. What can I do? For those in the position to do so, AALJ would appreciate you forwarding this note to your departments, teams, and friends or colleagues who may be interested in publishing with AALJ.