AABANY Partners with AAIFF to Promote Feature Film “Yaobikuni’s Love” During AAIFF’s 46th Film Festival

This year, AABANY is partnering with AAIFF to promote the film, “Yaobikuni’s Love,” screening in-person on July 29th in Quad Cinema, at 34 W 13th Street. 

The mockumentary tells the story of Yaobikuni, women of Japanese mythology that attained immortality through eating the flesh of a “ningyo,” a type of mermaid said to grant eternal life. Miike, the director for a documentary show, gives a smartphone to a Yaobikuni named Mizuki. She uses the phone to keep in touch with Miike, and to meet other Yaobikuni women. Upon installing a dating app, Mizuki is elated by the potential of a suitor in her life, only to have her hopes dashed when he fails to show up for a date. Miike comforts Mizuki after she is left in the cold, causing Mizuki to become attracted to the young documentarian.

The screening of the mockumentary will include the short film, “The Old Young Crow,” telling the story of an Iranian boy that befriends an old Japanese woman at a graveyard in Tokyo. The film, directed by Liam LoPinto, a filmmaker, and animator from New York City, serves as a fascinating appetizer that will be sure to charm and enchant viewers alike

General tickets for this screening will be available for $16.00 on the AAIFF website. To receive a 25% off discount code, exclusive to AABANY members, please register here at least two days prior to the showing. Click here to purchase tickets for this fascinating mockumentary. To learn more about the other films and events exhibited at this festival, click here.