Intellectual Property Committee Hosts Board Games Event at Uncommons Cafe

On November 4, 2023, the IP Committee gathered for a relaxing afternoon of board games at the Uncommons board game cafe in the Village. On this beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, we were glad to be able to welcome several newcomers – both practicing attorneys and law students – as well as familiar faces, over classic board games such as Catan, Unstable Unicorns, Sorry! and more. We had a cozy private room in the back just to ourselves within this bustling venue as the several board game aficionados amongst the group explained the rules of our games and led us through two hours of fun! We had such a great time that many attendees expressed interest in extending our time or, even better, holding a board game event on a regular basis (more to come on this, so please stay tuned!).

We would like to thank all of our attendees for joining us and making this event as enjoyable as it was. We are always looking forward to seeing more faces and welcoming newcomers and members alike. To learn more about the IP Committee, please click here.