On Saturday, October 27, AABANY held its 4th annual Upstate Roadshow at Syracuse Law School.  Organized by the Student Outreach Committee, co-chairs Irene Tan and Ben Chan brought the downstate contingent that included Amy Ngai, Amy Luo, Thomas Hou, Board member Francis Chin and Executive Director Yang Chen.  They were met upstate by Louis Jim, associate at Bond, Schoeneck & King, Tiffany Lee, Assistant US Attorney in the Western District of New York, Mary Traynor, attorney at the Advocacy Group, and Shelly Tsai, attorney at Legal Services of Central New York.

Law students from the law schools at Syracuse, Buffalo and Albany spent the afternoon learning about AABANY, its mission and activities, engaged in an interactive networking workshop and participated in panel discussions about resume writing, interviewing and career paths in the law.

After the panels concluded, panelists and law students headed to Dinosaur Barbecue where they continued to chat and connect over pulled pork sandwiches, mac and cheese, caesar salad and other delectable fare.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and we look forward to strengthening our connections with our friends and members upstate. If you wish to contact the Student Outreach Committee co-chairs, Ben and Irene, send email to [email protected].


Student Outreach Co-Chair Liza Sohn created this short video of shots from the recent Upstate Roadshow.  To see the photo album, click this link.


On October 29, AABANY’s Student Outreach Committee presented the Upstate Roadshow.  Held at Syracuse Law School, a contingent of lawyers from downstate and from the Syracuse area visited with law students from Syracuse Law School and University of Buffalo Law School to talk about AABANY, exam writing, resume writing and interviewing skills and practical skills required to succeed in the legal profession.  Thanks to Mark Sweeney from Syracuse Law School and Melle Xu from University of Buffalo Law School for working with AABANY’s Student Outreach Committee to make the event happen.  Thanks to Mary Trainor, Shelly Tsai and Josephine Yang Pat-yi, attorneys from Syracuse, for participating in the panels.  Thanks to Liza Sohn and Ben Chan, co-chairs of the Student Outreach Committee for planning and organizing the event.  Thanks to Chris Chan, Yang Chen, Francis Chin, Will Ng and Thomas Hou for their involvement.  Thanks also to Bond Schoeneck & King for co-sponsoring the event.  We enjoyed meeting with the students and attorneys upstate and we look forward to staying in touch and working with them in the future.