Picnic at Turtle Pond

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to join us for the Fourth Annual AABANY Picnic organized by the Young Lawyers and Litigation Committees. We could not have asked for a nicer summer afternoon for this perennial event. YLC Committee Co-Chair Will Ng and LC Co-Chair Tristan Loanzon arrived well before the noon starting time to scout out a great spot under the shade of a large willow tree. Turtle Pond is below the southern edge of the Great Lawn, right by the Delacorte Theater, home to Shakespeare in the Park, across from Belvedere Castle.

We saw many AABANY members in attendance, some with their young children in tow. Because we are usually accustomed to seeing our members in suits or at least in business casual, many AABANY regulars went by almost unnoticed in their summer casual wear. Don Liu, GC of Xerox, in a yellow cap and plaid shorts could have easily passed for one of the many law students who were at the picnic.

President Linda Lin stopped by with her mom.  President-elect Jean Lee also came to the picnic. Past president James Chou brought his entire family.

At an early point in the picnic, we hung the AABANY banner on a branch so that attendees can easily spot us, but a Park Ranger came by and told us that it was against park rules to hang any signs on the trees, so we took it down and put it on a fence, which was allowed.

The sign at the entrance to Turtle Pond indicated no “organized sports” so we decided that the Park Rangers probably would not take kindly to our plans to run a three-legged race and tug of war, and we refrained from those activities.

Student Outreach Committee Co-Chair Liza Sohn brought the marshmallows but we had very few takers for the Chubby Bunny so we skipped on that activity.

Even without the usual fun and games, we had a great turnout throughout the afternoon, and it was a pleasure to enjoy the park and each other’s company in one of the loveliest spots in Central Park.

Thanks to the YLC and LC for putting together the event. Here are some photos from the picnic.AABANY Picnic at Turtle Pond