The PALS Mentoring Program

Strengthen the Legal Diversity Pipeline
by Sponsoring a PALS Mentee 

The PALS Mentoring Program

Matches law students of color with practicing attorneys, who serve as professional development resources, and has done so for 30 years.  

Attorney Mentors Make an Impact

●    Join a community of diversity champion attorneys mentoring the next wave of leaders of color in the legal profession

●    Be rewarded with your gift of sharing your time and talents with unparalleled networking opportunities

●   Positively guide a mentee’s career path, course selection and the road to success!

Become a Mentor Today!
Commit 2-4 hours per month to a designated PALS Mentee.                   


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Attorneys matched through the program will be required to review the PALS Mentoring Manual and sign a participation agreement with their mentee.  

If you have any questions or concerns about the PALS Mentoring Program, please contact the Executive Director of PALS, Paula Donaldson at: [email protected]

PALS Mission Statement: 

PALS is dedicated to enhancing the skills and careers of minority law students and early career attorneys. PALS does this by offering customized mentoring, educational and professional development opportunities. PALS provides resources to augment the law school and employer training of, respectively, minority law students and beginning lawyers, and will continue to offer its services free of charge.

PALS is a 501©(3) not-for-profit organization

Providing Mentoring, Career and Skills Development for Minorities 

in the Legal Profession Since 1984