The I Am_ Campaign: Creating Our Stories Together, June 18

The I Am_ Campaign: Creating Our Stories Together, June 18

Support AALDEF’s Baseball Season Fundraiser!

Baseball season is officially underway, and both the Yankees and the Mets are playing well! There¹s still time to purchase tickets to see your favorite teams play and support a great cause at the same time.

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund participates in a special program that helps to raise funds for public interest organizations. By purchasing tickets to select baseball games through this program, your cost will include the value of the ticket plus an additional tax-deductible donation to support AALDEF. Most of these tickets (including the donation) are below regular price. Your donations go directly toward AALDEF¹s legal and education programs.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to root for your team while making a contribution for a good cause!


Mets vs. Giants
Location: Citi Field
Thurs. June 11 at 7:10 pm (RSVP by June 8)
Sec. 515: above home, with panoramic view of entire field
$26 per ticket + $4 donation or more.


Yankees vs. Tigers
Fri. June 19 at 7:05 pm (RSVP by June 16)
Location: Yankee Stadium
Sec. 415 & 414
$16 per ticket + $9 donation or more.

Yankees vs. Mariners
Fri. July 17, 7:05 pm (RSVP by July 14)
Location: Yankee Stadium
Sec. 425 (above 3d)
$16 per ticket + $9 donation or more.

Yankees vs. Red Sox
Thurs. Aug. 6, 7:05 pm (RSVP by August 3)
Location: Yankee Stadium
Sec. 426 (above 3d)
$29 per ticket + $11 donation or more.

Tickets are limited, so reserve yours today! Please reserve at least three days before the game to ensure requests are processed on time.

Please contact Kenneth Fuentes at [email protected] or (212) 966-5932 x 208 to place your order and receive further instructions for payment and delivery/pickup.

Using Social Media to Develop Your Professional Brand, June 17

Wednesday, June 17, 20156:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  
250 West 55th Street New York, NY 10019-9710

Do you know the accepted Best Practices for legal professionals on how to use your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to:

  • Establish or upgrade your professional brand;
  • Find employment; and
  • Advance your profile in your practice area and your professional goals? 

If you are interested in attending a highly engaging event that will answer these questions please attend this workshop. Attendees are asked to bring cell phones, tablets and laptops, as Tweets and Posts are encouraged.

  • Attendees will learn how to:  
  • Stay clear of the potential pitfalls of social media;
  • Utilize social media to research practice areas and stay connected to relevant organizations and professionals in their field;
  • Effectively develop their online presence by understanding best practices; and
  • Utilize specific tips and tricks for using social media without becoming overwhelmed.

Our Presenter: Paula T. Edgar, Esq.

Paula Edgar is the Principal of PGE, LLC a boutique coaching, speaking and consulting firm. The firm provides innovative and strategic solutions on career management, executive/leadership development, organizational diversity efforts, intercultural competence initiatives, networking and social media strategy.

Please Click Here to RSVP

Registration ends on June 12, 2015

Prominent Young Partners Leave Biglaw For A High-Powered Boutique

Prominent Young Partners Leave Biglaw For A High-Powered Boutique


NEW YORK – May 28, 2015 – On May 26, as part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Asian American Bar Association of New York (“AABANY”), the Asian American Law Fund of New York, Inc., and White & Case LLP presented the New York premiere of Kicking Glass from the Boardroom to the Courtroom: Two Decades and Counting, a follow-up to a 1995 video produced by AABANY and White & Case regarding the position of Asian American women in the legal profession. The New York screening of Kicking Glass at the New York offices of White & Case LLP attracted approximately 100 attendees and was simultaneously live-broadcast to the White & Case offices in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami and Tampa. Click here to read the full Kicking Glass press release.

Photos by AABANY and Karen Zhou.

Check out the AABANY live-feed from the event below:

Check out the latest issue of the Advocate, hot off the presses and available at tonight’s Kicking Glass event.

Thanks to @WhiteCase for hosting Kicking Glass from the Board Room to the Courtroom: Two Decades and Counting.

Broadcasting Kicking Glass live to Tampa, Los Angeles, & Washington, DC! @WhiteCase

You’re not seeing double. That’s Judge Ling-Cohan standing in front of Judge Ling-Cohan. #KickingGlass

The room’s filling up. Can’t wait for the New York premier of #KickingGlass to begin.

1995: “I just don’t buy the myth that women aren’t entering the legal profession. We’ve been 30-40% of the workforce for 15 years.”

Hon. Ling-Cohan: I didn’t know any female Asian attorneys when I went to law school. There were few Asian judges when I wanted to be a judge

Hon. Chen: The solution has to be multi-faceted. [Progress] is slow, but happening. I see it when I go to the Asian bar conf. #KickingGlass

Hon. Ling-Cohan: In my first [judicial] election, people called me Chinky Chinky Chinky to my face. #KickingGlass

Clara Ohr: It’s difficult for the older generation to understand that a woman is in the room as more than a paralegal. #KickingGlass

1995: “I’d leave the practice of law for two years if I decided to have a child. Work life balance is a see-saw.” #KickingGlass

Clara Ohr: The fact that women have a uterus will probably always complicate things. #KickingGlass

Amy Wang: I am happy when law firm recruitment events do speak about work-life balance. To me, that’s progress. #KickingGlass

Grace Shim of @MinKwonCenter: I’ve been back five months after having a child. No one’s been able to give me a clear answer. #KickingGlass

Jennifer Kim: Our presence in leadership roles inspires younger women to define success in many ways, not just partnership. #KickingGlass

1995: “Partners tend to be white men, and they tend to mentor people who look like them or their sons.” #KickingGlass

Clara Ohr: We need help. We need to help each other. That’s not something that I see enough of. #KickingGlass

Saira Haider: You’ve got a seat at the table, so you’ve got to say something important that you can sit at the table again #KickingGlass

Hon. Chen: Be open to serendipity… Accept the notion that everyone makes mistakes even if they don’t admit it. #KickingGlass

Margaret Hanh-DuPont: Ultimately, in the final analysis, have you served your client well? #KickingGlass

What an incredible video presentation. Can’t wait for the panel! #KickingGlass

Sylvia Chin: I felt we needed a critical mass of female attorneys to let people know we make a difference. Cynthia Wong did not leave law!

Poojitha Rao: When I interviewed 21 or 22 years ago, I had trouble convincing employers that I had something generic to offer. #KickingGlass

Hon. Ling-Cohan: We are in a time of firsts. Despite there being so few Asian judges, we’re not considered a minority and we’re not white.

@aabany #KickingGlass video and panel discussion at White & Case.

Hon. Chen: I think what holds so many Asian women back is self-doubt. It’s tough for those of us that grew up with tiger moms. #KickingGlass

Hon. Ling-Cohan: White women and Asian women walk into a room differently. Asian women like to make sure that they belong in the room.

Sapna Palla: I was a third-year associate when I had my first son. Not working was not even an option in my mind. #KickingGlass

Sapna Palla: Have a village to support you raise your child. My case was like my third child. #KickingGlass

Grace Shim, @MinKwonCenter: My husband and I came to the conclusion that you need either family or money to have a baby, and we had neither.

Hon. Chen: If a lot of people are asking to leave work at 5:30pm to see your family, it doesn’t seem so strange. #KickingGlass

Sapna Palla: If it were really equal, women wouldn’t feel scared that if they passed on an opportunity it would be held against them.

Grace Shim of @MinKwonCenter: Sometimes, as the token Asian, what you say matters; you have the opportunity to represent your interests.

Thanks to the Women’s Committee for putting together such an incredible show. Hopefully in another decade, even…

NAPABA 2015-16 Board Elections Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

Apply by July 13

The NAPABA Nominating and Elections Committee is now accepting nominations for election to the officer positions of NAPABA’s Board of Governors for the 2015-16 term. All nominations are due on or before Monday, July 13, 2015, at midnight PDT. The officer positions subject to election are the following:

  • President-Elect
  • Vice-President for Finance and Development
  • Vice-President for Programs and Operations
  • Vice-President for Membership
  • Vice-President for Communications
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Additional information about these positions, as well as a complete explanation about candidate qualifications and nomination requirements, is available at

To be eligible for election to an officer position, a candidate must complete and submit the following information and documents online on or before Monday, July 13, 2015, at midnight PDT:

  • Online Candidate Information Form
  • Nomination Petition with Signature Pages
  • Personal Statement
  • High-resolution Digital Photograph (optional)
  • Short Bio (optional)

Late submissions will not be accepted.

Please contact NAPABA Executive Director Tina Matsuoka at [email protected] or 202-775-9555, ext. 4, with any questions.