Prudential Financial, Inc. in Partnership with NAPABA

NAPABA is pleased to partner with Prudential Financial, Inc. (Prudential) to provide a meaningful summer internship opportunity for a highly motivated first-year law student. Through this partnership, NAPABA and Prudential will select a student to join the 2024 summer law intern class at Prudential.

The summer internship will provide interns with the opportunity to work with attorneys who support the broad reach of Prudential’s businesses.

The 1L summer internship will run for 10 weeks, from May 28th to August 2nd, 2024. The starting hourly wage in this position will be $31.00. In addition, if an intern works beyond their standard regular schedule, they will be compensated for all time worked including, where applicable, overtime.

The program will be hybrid at Prudential’s Newark, NJ location. A minimum of 2-3 days a week will be in the office for general intern programming.

Deadline to apply: 5:00 pm EST on Monday, January 22, 2024

Apply Now

If you have any questions, please contact Naomi Mortensen, Strategic Partnerships Manager. All correspondence must include “Prudential Internship” in the subject line.

Prudential and its affiliates are Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employers and are committed to diversity in our workforce.

AABANY’s Paint & Sip Night: An Evening of Creativity, Connection, and Fun!

On January 16, a chilly winter evening in the heart of midtown Manhattan, AABANY’s Student Outreach, Career Placement, and Mentorship Committees came together to host a memorable event that combined artistry, camaraderie, and a dash of culture. It was the much-anticipated “Paint & Sip Night” held at the Painting Lounge. The event brought together a vibrant mix of practicing attorneys and enthusiastic law students, all eager to unwind and tap into their creative sides. The focal point of the evening: capturing the iconic New York City skyline on canvas while indulging in fine wine and delectable Korean cuisine.

As the attendees gathered, the Painting Lounge provided the perfect ambiance for the creative journey that lay ahead. Easels, canvases, and an array of vibrant paints awaited the eager participants. Under the guidance of an expert instructor, everyone had the opportunity to channel their inner artists and bring their visions of the NYC skyline to life. Sipping on wine and enjoying the company of fellow legal professionals and aspiring lawyers, the atmosphere was filled with laughter, shared stories, and a palpable sense of community. Korean cuisine enhanced the evening’s festivities. Attendees savored a variety of mouthwatering dishes that reflected the rich flavors of Korean culture. From savory bulgogi to spicy cucumber kimchi, the culinary journey was a treat for the taste buds, providing a culinary complement to the artistic expressions taking shape on canvas.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Student Outreach, Career Placement, and Mentorship Committees for organizing this fantastic event, and to all the attendees who made it an evening to remember.