AABANY Tax Committee Hosts a Dinner at Blue Willow in Midtown, Manhattan

On March 12, the Tax Committee hosted a dinner at Blue Willow, a Chinese restaurant in midtown Manhattan.  The Committee had an open discussion on various tax questions from attendees and future plans for the Tax Committee. 

Attendees ranged from newcomer students to partners who were part of the original creation of the Tax Committee that provided a historic perspective on how and why the Committee was created. Future networking and outreach activities were discussed as well as the sharing of career advice, some current thorny substantive questions encountered at work and various ways to substantively enhance one’s practice. 

To learn more about the Committee, go here: https://www.aabany.org/page/453.

Thank You to Our Volunteers at the Queens Pro Bono Clinic in February

Thank you AABANY, AAFE, and our dedicated volunteers for joining us at the Queens Pro Bono Legal Clinic on February 7, 2024. This was our first Queens clinic of the year and we met with 16 clients who asked questions about criminal law, housing, and contracts.

Thanks to all our interpreters who helped us! We had a little mishap in ordering dinner for us that night. In case you were wondering why there were so many chicken feet, it was because we thought buldakbal meant “spicy chicken.” There you go, that’s why. This is also why it’s important to use human interpreters rather than entrusting AI Google translate.

And here’s what our clients have to say about our volunteers’ assistance –

“This is a wonderful service you provide the public. AAFE is making a difference for the community.”
“Extremely grateful to the lawyers and interpreter lady!”
“Service was great.”

Volunteer Attorneys:Interpreters & Shadowers:
Beatrice LeongDaniel Kang
Brandon WongKaila Chen
Forrest SungNandar Win Kerr
Gary YeungRuo Yang
Hazel F. ChinYiyang Shen
Johnny ThachWillow Liu
Lina LeeWoohyeong Cho
May Wong 
Shirley LuongAAFE:
Wenhsien (Wendy) ChengNuala Naranjo
Yan Lian Kuang-MaogaElton Ye
 Gabriel Hisugan

Thank you once again and we hope to see you soon!

To learn about upcoming Pro Bono clinics in Queens, Manhattan, or Brooklyn, visit probono.aabany.org.