Intellectual Property Committee Hosts Dinner at Chili Restaurant on April 24

On April 24, a vibrant Wednesday evening in the heart of New York City, the Asian American Bar Association of New York’s Intellectual Property Committee convened again for the beloved recurring dinner, this time at Chili, nestled on 13 E 37th St. The event brought together members and friends of the IP Committee for an evening of Szechuan food, networking, and good conversation.

Attendees mingled, fostering connections and exchanging insights on the latest developments in intellectual property law. As guests exchanged stories and shared experiences, the room buzzed with excitement and energy. Seasoned practitioners offered guidance and wisdom to aspiring legal minds, while newcomers brought fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. It was a true testament to the diversity and richness of talent within the Asian American legal community.

To all who joined us for this unforgettable evening, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your presence and participation. To learn more about the IP Committee and how you can get involved, go here.