Whole Lawyer Project 05 – Anant Raut

The Whole Lawyer Project
The Whole Lawyer Project
Whole Lawyer Project 05 - Anant Raut

For our next episode of The Whole Lawyer Project, Facebook’s top antitrust lawyer, Anant Raut, speaks on how he balances his own career ambitions with living a whole life, how he accidentally fell into the field of antitrust when his top-choice job unexpectedly fell through, and what he advises for those of us who may be overly concerned about making a “wrong” move in their careers. As a former BigLaw associate as well as the former Counsel to Senate Ranking Member Diane Feinstein, Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice, and Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, Anant also reflects on his transitions between the public and private sectors and reminds us all to always explore our curiosities, keep things in perspective, and trust that the non-linear path will eventually work out (however impossible it may seem at the time!). Finally, on a personal note, Anant shares how COVID has shaped his life as a new dad and provides advice for those of us who are starting out their careers (tip: yes, we all need to network — but if you are doing it right, networking should not feel like work!)

Photo courtesy of Anant Raut