AABANY Members Learn about Lawyering at Amex on November 1

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at American Express? Our members got a glimpse during a visit to Amex’s New York headquarters in November.

On November 1, 2022, Amex and the Asian American Bar Association of New York (AABANY) hosted a networking event that provided an inside look into what it’s like working in the General Counsel’s Organization at Amex.

The event commenced with opening remarks by Amex’s Chief Legal Officer Laureen Seeger, who shared some of her most memorable experiences working at the company over the past decade. The event shifted to a panel moderated by Amex’s Deputy General Counsel Sarah Dodds-Brown. The discussion included a diverse group of Amex attorneys who spoke about their unique career journeys and gave tips on how to be a competitive candidate for in-house counsel positions. The panel was followed by a networking session where attendees spoke with Amex attorneys on topics including the company’s hiring process, its unique work culture, and what career development looks like at Amex.

The event was a great opportunity for AABANY members to meet members of Amex’s General Counsel’s Organization and learn about Amex opportunities and its diverse, inclusive and supportive culture.

A special thank you to Amex and the attendees for making the event a huge success!

AABANY Members Learn about Going In-House at AmEx

From Henry Chen, In-House Counsel at Amex:

As a member of Amex’s legal team, I was happy to welcome AABANY members for an information session held on October 22, 2019. The event started with a panel that included General Counsel Laureen Seeger and other Amex managing counsel discussing their experiences working as in-house counsel. Afterwards, AABANY attendees networked with members of various practice groups on Amex’s legal team. The event was very well-attended and offered a unique opportunity to learn what it’s like to work as in-house counsel at Amex. I certainly appreciate the impact of the information session because I attended the same event last year as an AABANY member. It gave me first-hand insight into working on Amex’s legal team and I had a great experience meeting everyone at Amex. So when an opportunity opened up afterwards to join the legal team, I already knew that I wanted to apply. And a few months later, I joined the Amex legal team! We hope everyone enjoyed the event this year, and we look forward to hosting this event again in the future.

AABANY Co-Sponsors: Information Session on Going In-House at AmEx

On October 16, AABANY co-sponsored an information session on going in-house at AmEx. The event began with a panel discussion moderated by In-House Counsel Committee Co-Chair Grace Fu that engaged in a lighthearted and candid discussion about what it is like to work in-house at AmEx. The panelists, which included AmEx General Counsel Laureen Seeger and Senior Counsel Ming-Hsuan Elders, discussed the various types of matters handled by the company’s legal department and shared their personal experiences to shed light on the company’s culture. The panelists also discussed issues like diversity and steps the company is taking to make the legal field more inclusive for minorities. After the panel concluded, attorneys in attendance were matched with Hiring Leaders at AmEx and given the opportunity to mingle and engage in a more personalized one-to-one discussion.

We thank AmEx’s General Counsel Organization’s Diversity Committee and in particular Cindy Huang, IP Counsel at AmEx, and John Parauda, Managing Counsel at AmEx, for working with AABANY to make this event possible. We thank all the attendees who came and hope that many good and helpful connections were made during the event.