Here’s my final tip for handling paper.  When you can, stop the source.

TIP#5 Don’t print it unless you have to.  Yes, you’ve heard that before – but did you listen?  Technology was supposed to cut down on the paper flow, not increase it.  One reason technology doesn’t work is that we don’t work with it.  I’ve had so many, many professionals tell me “I can’t read on the screen.”  My question is: have you really utilized all the resources available to maximize the visibility?  We are used to the comfort of reading off of paper.  Reading from the screen, whether through an office application or in online format, is doable, if you create a new set of habits utilizing all the tools given to you by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Is this all a little overwhelming?  Do you need help with this?  Sure, I can help you.  Contact me (and read more on my blog) at www.beautifulcorner.com.

In addition to being AABANY’s Administrative Assistant, Margaret Langston is a Professional Organizer.  Her business, BEAUTIFUL CORNER, offers full organization services for the home or small business.  BEAUTIFUL CORNER’s goal is help simplify the lives of its clients so that they may achieve optimum organization and full productivity at home and at work. BEAUTIFUL CORNER offers onsite and virtual service.  For more information go to www.beautifulcorner.com.

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