3rd Annual Pitch Sessions: One-on-One Partner Presentations and Interviews with In-House Counsel

Members of the NAPABA In-House Counsel Committee are accepting submissions from eligible partners of Solo and Small Firms for private one-on-one firm pitches during the 2011 NAPABA Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia taking place November 17-20. 
To be eligible, for firms with 25 or less attorneys, each partner who intends to participate in the pitch program must be an individual direct Platinum/$500 member of NAPABA. In addition, you must be registered to attend the 2011 NAPABA Convention.

How to participate: Review the pdf list of IHCs (click on the link), which includes brief descriptions of company industry and IHC specialty. Please note that some companies chose to display an anonymous profile. If you or one of your firm’s partners matches the industry and specialty, you may submit the following information:

1.       Name
2.       Firm name
3.       Direct phone number
4.       Email
5.       Specialty/practice area
6.       State whether your firm is minority and/or women-owned
7.       Indicate by IHC ID Number, the IHCs with whom you wish to meet.
Please send all items to NAPABA Programs Associate Azizah Ahmad at [email protected] by October 30, 2011. Incomplete information will not be considered.
All submissions will be delivered to the IHCs on November 1st.  If selected, you will be contacted by the IHC directly.  Unfortunately, due to demand, not all law firm partners will be selected for a pitch.


When will the Pitch Sessions take place and what is the format?
• IHC and partners can determine the date, time, and length of each Pitch Session, as long as the pitch takes place during the 2011 NAPABA Convention.
Is this just a practice pitch for the law firms?
• No.  In-House Counsel will not view these sessions as practice.
Will each In-House Counsel have work to give out?
• No.  As work needs are difficult to predict, there is not a requirement that In-House participants have work needs at the time of the pitch.  However, In-House Counsel will have full discretion to engage (or strongly recommend) outside law firms as needed.