On Saturday, May 31, a group of attorneys from Skadden’s Asian Affinity Group (pictured above) volunteered their time as part of the Playground One Restoration Project organized jointly by community partners the Dynasty Project and Apex for Youth.  Spearheaded by associate Sunjay Mathews, more than a dozen Skadden attorneys and their family members spent their Saturday morning cleaning up the playground and re-painting the basketball courts that are a popular summer destination for local community youth. Former AABANY President and current AALFNY Board Member Alec Chang and AABANY Corporate Law Committee Co-Chair Dwight Yoo were on hand and getting their hands dirty.  The project also included the Skadden attorneys getting together to add a new dimension to the basketball court, namely a 3 point line.  This summer, the Dynasty Project and Apex for Youth, jointly organize a free basketball league for local youth (called “We Run as One”) with both under age 13 and under age 11 leagues.  AABANY member Charles Chen also participated in the project as part of a group of professionals from TAP NY (Taiwanese American Professionals NY).  AABANY President-Elect, William Wang, a board member of the Dynasty Project and Apex for Youth volunteer, was among the project’s organizers. For more information on the community groups, please see www.dynastyproject.org or www.apex-ny.org.

The restoration project also included the addition of a community mural to one of the dilapidated walls in the park (see before and after photos).  The mural was created by Asian American muralist/artist Sahra Vang.  For more info on the artist, see www.veratimes.com