On Thursday, June 26, the Women’s Committee held their Welcome Dinner and Kickoff Meeting at Congee Village. Marianne Chow and Naf Kwun, Co-Chairs of AABANY’s Women’s Committee, began the event by introducing themselves. They were followed by the attendees introducing themselves, explaining why they joined the committee and what they would like to get out of their participation in it. 

Both Marianne and Naf discussed the purpose of the Women’s Committee and the events they have planned for the upcoming year. They are especially excited to work on a special project called the Kicking Glass Video Project. It was inspired by a video of women in the law field discussing the challenges they faced or do face, shown 20 years ago at a NAPABA conference. Marianne and Naf hope to bring this video back to shed light on what challenges stayed the same or have changed 20 years later for women in the law field. The dinner concluded with a discussion of how members can get involved in upcoming events and projects by joining subcommittees. We are excited about the members’ commitment to the events and projects.

Thank you to Marianne Chow, Naf Kwun, and Sapna Palla, co-chairs of AABANY’s Women’s Committee for planning the event, the members of the Women’s Committee, and all the attendees. It was a great success and we look forward to all that the Women’s Committee has in store for the upcoming year.