On Wednesday, July 23, AABANY held a general interest meeting at Wollmuth Maher & Deutsch LLP to explore the formation of a Technology Committee. The meeting included about 20 attendees who were law students, private, non-profit, small firm, and solo practitioners.

Chris Chan began the meeting by explaining why a Tech Committee was needed. He said, “The future of law is mobile and we need to keep up with technology, which leads to better service.” Having a Tech Committee would allow the organization and its members to stay abreast of developments in technology and stay on the fast track to finding more efficient, affordable, and quicker ways to complete tasks.

Chris provided the attendees with a list of apps or programs for them to try. Attendees engaged in the meeting by suggesting other apps and programs that other members could try, which will be added to a list for a future meeting. Attendees further engaged in the meeting by providing feedback on what they want or need from the Tech Committee. Some ideas that were suggested: showing members what information is at their fingertips, drawbacks or pitfalls to moving forward with technology (e.g., The Cloud), ethical issues on the use of certain technologies, hacking problems, research resources for law students, teaching members to use the different systems such as Mac, Microsoft, and Android, and others. The level of enthusiasm evident at the general interest meeting indicated potential viability for the formation of a Tech Committee.

Thank you to Vincent Chang and Wollmuth Maher & Deutsch LLP for hosting the event, Chris for holding the general interest meeting, and all the attendees. If you want to learn more about this potential new committee, contact us at [email protected].