On Thursday, September 4, the Young Lawyers Committee held a Financial Planning workshop hosted by Ameriprise Financial Services’s Niraj Chhabra. Meeting fear and uncertainty with a disciplined and integrated approach, financial planning tackles student loans, retirement, and family planning head-on in a stable and productive way. The workshop, geared towards young lawyers who face the unique challenges of student loan debt and a fickle legal industry, educated an audience of about 20 young lawyers on how to budget, strategies for tax reduction, and different ways to take care of aging parents. Niraj offered all those present a free financial consultation. Young lawyers left with the feeling that some of the financial surprises (such as quarterly taxes and Christmastime) may not be as big of a surprise as they seem, and perhaps it is easier to take small action now for big pay-offs in the future. 

AABANY extends a full-hearted thank you to Niraj for running the workshop, Ameriprise Financial Services for providing such an informative service as well as the opportunity to network and mingle over refreshments, Young Lawyers Committee Co-Chairs Amy Ngai, David Sohn, and Gabriel Arce-Yee for organizing the event, and all those who attended.