Brush With Danger, Directed by Livi Zheng, will be playing at Cinema Village at 22 East 12th Street from September 19-24. Click here to purchase tickets.

Brush with Danger is directed by Livi Zheng, a young multi-talented Asian filmmaker who makes her directing debut with this film. Prior to this she already has a wide experience in producing and acting. An exemplary young, female professional, Livi would be a great role model and an ideal platform for spreading the validity and importance of Asian culture to the States. 

On Friday, September 19, Executive Director of the Asian American Arts Centre Robert Lee will be the moderator and host of the movie’s premiere. 


A painter, a fighter, both artists in their own way. Brother and sister, forced to flee their home, arrive at Seattle, The Emerald City, inside a shipping container. Trying to make their way in a new strange world the pair struggle to survive. Until, one day, an art dealer, takes an interest in the sister’s painting, and the pair find themselves living a dream come true. The sister loses herself in her art, painting, and the brother seizes the opportunity to express himself, as a fighter.

But it really is all just a dream. Conned by her patron into forging a long lost Van Gogh. Purchased by a ruthless criminal with a passion for fine art. The brother and sister soon find themselves embroiled in Seattle’s criminal underworld and a Brush With Danger.