On February 12, 2015, AABANY held its Annual Meeting 2015 at Arnold & Porter, voting to approve bylaws changes and electing the AABANY Officers & Directors for the upcoming fiscal year. 

President Clara Ohr called the meeting to order, receiving the Proxy Ballots and Active Member attendance of approximately 50 people from Recording Secretary Naf Kwun to establish quorum. We bid farewell to the outgoing Officers & Directors:

  • Gurinder Singh (Vice President, Programs and Operations)
  • Jane Chuang (Treasurer)
  • Francis Chin
  • James Chou
  • Christina Lee
  • Linda Lin
  • Teena-Ann Sankoorikal

Membership Secretary Irene Tan presented the new membership initiatives along with her report on the active past year AABANY just had, in which we exceeded our goal of reaching over 1,000 paid members. Treasurer Jane Chuang presented the annual treasury report. President Clara Ohr presented the Annual Report of AABANY, reviewing the major successful events of FY 2014, most notably the 25th Annual Dinner, APA Heritage Month, the 5th Annual Fall Conference, the 6th Annual Prosecutors Reception, and the 7th Annual In-House Counsel and Corporate Law Winetasting. 

Executive Director Yang Chen presented the Annual Report of the Committees, noting that our numerous committees had a significant and eventful year. However, as active and as fruitful as our Committees were, one Committee in particular stood out: The Women’s Committee, chaired by Naf Kwun, Marianne Chow, and Sapna Palla, received the Committee of the Year award for their efforts to engage the AABANY membership and their outstanding programming that benefited AABANY members and the communities AABANY serves. 

While reports on AABANY’s busy 2014 were being given, President-Elect Will Wang and Nominations Committee Member Steve Chung tallied the votes cast by the membership. The bylaws were approved, and the following candidates were elected:

The following persons were elected to serve as Board Directors:

Congratulations to the elected Officers & Directors, as well as the Women’s Committee for receiving the Committee of the Year award!