On June 30, the Women’s Committee held their Kickoff Meeting at the Offices of Wiggin and Dana. Thank you to Co-Chairs Miyun Sung, Tammy Wang, Sapna Palla and Vice Chair Vicki Ger for hosting this enjoyable evening. Thank you to Committee Co-Chair Sapna Palla for hosting the new and old friends at her office. Thank you to Kevin Wong for the photographs.

Last year, the Women’s Committee won the Committee of the Year award for their active and engaging programming, including exciting events like Kicking Glass, Tee Off Your Business Network, and Perfume-Blending Workshop. Whether you’re a new or experienced attorney, there are so many opportunities to connect, mentor or be mentored, or meet other interesting folks. If you’re interested in joining the Women’s Committee mailing list, contact Committee Co-Chairs Miyun, Tammy, and Sapna.

We look forward to the rest of the great events coming this year!