We thank
Kim (Hofstra law grad’15), Daven
Ghandi (former law clerk of Hon. Carol Sharpe, NYC Criminal Court), Youngjin Choi (Law student/ Northwestern) and Alice Lee (GC of RAA Media) for joining in on the Young Lawyers Committee’s
spring community
service project
with Publicolor,
at Peace and Diversity Academy in the Bronx on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Publicolor’s mission
is to engage underserved students in their education and to catalyze
change by empowering them, and other residents of inner city
communities, to transform their environments through the power
of color and collaboration.  Each volunteer was paired up
with one of the school’s students, for a day of painting and informal mentoring. 
Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

Thanks to Young Lawyers Committee co-chairs Gabriel Arce-Yee and Charles Chen for coordinating the event on Saturday.  To get involved with future public service events or other events hosted by the Young Lawyers Committee contact co-chairs Gabe Arce-Yee at [email protected], Charles Chen at [email protected] and Jay Min at [email protected]. (Thanks to Charles for the photos!)