On Friday, June 17, AABANY co-hosted “Movie Night: Seoul Searching” with the Asian American Arts Alliance, Harvard Asian American Alumni Association. Harvard Business School Asian American Alumni Association, FF Fraternity, and Cornell Asian American Alumni Association. Our combined efforts brought 60 people to the sold-out 7:10 theatrical premiere of this indie film written and directed by Benson Lee. 

For some in our group, the film brought back memories of a bygone time and place. For everyone, it reinforced the importance of cultural identity, friendship and family. The film, which featured a dynamic and international cast, balanced light-hearted moments of laughter with dramatic scenes filled with tension and tears. Our crowd gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

After the screening, members of the cast and the film’s producers fielded questions from a full-house of appreciative audience members. Following the screening, a large contingent walked over to Circle night club for the after-party, which featured music from the ‘80s and quite a few people dressed up as if they were from the ‘80s.

“Seoul Searching” will play at AMC Empire 25 through June 23 and will open in LA on June 24. If you were not able to join us for opening night, you can still join our Tax Committee’s group trip on June 22. Go see it!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the film, and thanks to Brigitte Noh, one of the film’s producers and an attorney herself, for bringing this wonderful film and experience to us all.