On Dec. 21, AABANY met a delegation of prosecutors from Shanxi Province in China. In particular, they wanted to learn about the criminal justice system, from the perspective of New York prosecutors and attorneys. They also asked to learn more about AABANY and its work.

Thanks to the New York City Bar Association, with the assistance of Angus Ni, Chair of the New York City Bar’s Asian Affairs Committee, we were able to secure the spacious Hughes Room to host the two dozen members of the delegation. Hugh Mo, a longtime active member of AABANY, shared his perspective from being a former prosecutor in the Manhattan DA’s office followed by decades in private practice, including working on white collar defense cases. Kin Ng, co-founder of AABANY’s Prosecutors’ Committee, followed with an overview of how the Kings County DA’s office operates. AABANY Executive Director Yang Chen concluded with a presentation about AABANY, its history, its mission and its activities. AABANY intern Yuqing Tian also participated in the meeting.

The delegation enjoyed learning about the American criminal justice system and being introduced to AABANY through this meeting. They kindly presented Hugh, Kin, Yang and Yuqing with gifts as tokens of appreciation and friendship. We hope to remain connected with the Shanxi prosecutors, and we look forward to similar visits from other delegations in the future.