On April 6, at Joy Luck Palace on Mott Street, the Museum of Chinese in America held its 6th Annual Celebration of Community Heroes, at which Glenn Lau-Kee, Partner, Kee & Lau-Kee, PLLC and past AABANY and NYSBA President, was honored. MOCA recognized Glenn for his immeasurable contributions “to the Chinese American community, the legal community, and the world around him. … [T]hose who know him consider Glenn’s middle name to be ‘community.’ We consider his middle name to be ‘hero.’” 

Among the AABANY contingent that came out in support of Glenn were Hon. Marilyn Go, Rocky and May Chin, Vincent Chang, Hugh Mo, Pauline Yeung-Ha and Yang Chen. Also in attendance were Hon. Jeffrey Oing and AABANY member Blaise Chow.

Also honored at the event were Generational Honorees Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and Wing On Wo & Co., and Institutional Honoree First American International Bank.

Congratulations to Glenn and all the honorees at MOCA’s 6th Annual Celebration of Community Heroes.