AABANY held its monthly Pro Bono Clinic on May 10 at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. We thank the following volunteers for their help at the clinic that evening:


  • Stephanie Yeh
  • Rachel Yoo
  • Beatrice Leong
  • Dave Lu 
  • Asako Aiba
  • Yifei He
  • Chris Kwok
  • Bryan An
  • Mabel Tso
  • Ming Chu Lee 
  • Charles Chen
  • Jingkai Xiao


  • Gregory Antono
  • Yuxian Chen
  • Wenbo Li
  • Rosa Lee 

Our volunteers saw 34 clients. Thanks to former AABANY Treasurer Tim Wong who made space in his office available for us to see clients.

The next pro bono clinic will take place on June 14. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about it, contact Pro Bono Committee Co-chair Ariana Pabalan at ariana.pabalan@aabany.org