As a part of the Young Lawyers Committee’s Work-Life-Balance initiative, members gathered on December 4, 2017 for a relaxing post-work yoga class at the Zo Lounge in Rockefeller Plaza. With the cold weather, year-end stresses, and holiday planning in mind, the yoga instructor curated a class with physically restorative poses and mindful meditation. After class, members continued to nourish their bodies and minds with a vegan dinner at byChloe. For many members this was their first yoga class or first time trying vegan food!

The Young Lawyers Committee will continue to offer events like this one, where members can meet and mingle in a healthy and supportive environment. We hope you will join us at the next one!

To learn more about the committee and to get in touch with co-chairs Tiffany Miao, Ona Lu and Albert Suh, go to