Congratulations to Pauline Yeung-Ha, AABANY Pro Bono & Community Service Committee Co-Chair, on being honored at the St. John’s University School of Law APALSA’s Lunar New Year Reception on February 21, held at China Blue in Tribeca. The theme of this year’s celebration was “Leading Together: Asian-American Women in the Field of Law.”

In receiving the honor, Pauline spoke about her immigrant roots, growing up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and finding her path in the law after graduating from St. John’s Law School in 1999. She landed in the field of elder law, which was just emerging at the time, working alongside Judy Grimaldi, a pioneer in the field, who saw great potential not just in Pauline’s legal acumen but in her ability to speak Mandarin and Cantonese and her cultural competence in dealing with Chinese clients. Over time, Pauline became a partner of Judy Grimaldi, and together they practice as Grimaldi & Yeung LLP, with offices in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Pauline encouraged all the students to follow their passions in the law, to do what they are good at and enjoy. She also encouraged them to make the time to give back to the community, and in particular urged them to volunteer with AABANY’s monthly pro bono clinic, even now as law students.

Among the attendees were Pauline’s husband and son, as well as her co-chairs from the Pro Bono & Community Service Committee, Sam Lui and Ariana Pabalan.

Congratulations to Pauline on this well-deserved honor and recognition and to St. John’s APALSA on a successful lunar New Year celebration!