We are very excited to announce that our inaugural AABANY Leadership Development Program (ALDP) has launched, thanks to the efforts of Board Directors Marianne Chow Newman and Sapna Palla. The first meeting with our inaugural class of participants took place on April 20, at Wiggin and Dana.

In its inaugural year, ALDP will present a 6-8 month pilot program that is
specifically focused on guiding a selected group of qualified senior APA law
firm associates who have completed basic leadership training and who have
a strong desire to become a partner at his or her law firm, through the law
firm partnership process.

The faculty for this first year of the ALDP is comprised of past AABANY Presidents, including Immediate Past President Dwight Yoo and President-Elect Brian Song, along with current and past Board members and Advisory Committee members.

The topic of the first meeting for this pilot program was “Understanding the Partnership Process: What Happens
Behind Closed Doors and Paths to Partnership.” The format is a roundtable discussion led by faculty members, followed by breakout sessions in which each participant delves deeper into the topic in smaller groups with members of the faculty who are serving as discussion leaders.

Future topics to be covered include: “Personal Branding: Overcoming Implicit Bias and
Raising Your Profile,” “Business Development: Practical Tips and Insights From
Rainmakers on How They Built Their Book of Business,” and many others.

We wish our inaugural participants the best of luck in the ALDP and thank all the faculty members and organizers for making this innovative and impactful program possible. For more information, contact [email protected]