On Thursday, August 9, members of AABANY and SABANY came together for the second annual mixer at the Chinese Club NYC, a restaurant that offers an excellent window into Indian-Chinese cuisine. Among those who attended were SABANY President Amol Sinha, as well as a number of AABANY leaders, including President James Cho, President-Elect Brian Song, Board Director and Issues Committee Co-Chair Chris Kwok, and Executive Director Yang Chen.

At the event, attendees got the chance to taste some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, which include Lollipop Chicken, Butter Salt & Pepper Mushroom, Wheels of Fortune (crispy lotus roots), Szechuan Fried Rice, most of which were vegan and vegetarian-friendly. All of the dishes blended together a number of fragrant spices, both sweet and savory, offering an amazing food experience for all who came. During the event, Salil Mehta, owner of the Chinese Club, was kind enough to share his stories about the food, Indian-Chinese cuisine, his inspirations, and the meaning behind his journey with the restaurant. It is worth noting that Salil and his wife Stacey are also professional artists, whose talents and visions can be seen in the exquisite artwork that decorates the restaurant’s interior.

We thank Chris Kwok for introducing AABANY and SABANY to this excellent restaurant, and to Salil Mehta and the Chinese Club NYC for providing an unforgettable taste of Indian-Chinese cuisine.