Happy Hour at Angels & Kings with a4

This year, AABANY has been working together with the Asian American Arts Alliance (a4) on a number of programs, and with the arrival of summer, we thought it would be good to bring together Asian American artists and Asian American lawyers.  It took place last Thursday at Angels & Kings, a bar in the East Village.  Approximately 50 to 60 people came out to socialize, drink and make new connections.

The bar had a stage by the entrance, and a4 got two performers to entertain the crowd.  The first was Rick Ebihara, a member of the Slant Performance group, who played guitar and sang.  The next was Rich Kameda, a professional magician.  Rich also walked around during the happy hour and did close-up magic for anyone who was interested.  In one of the illusions, Rich changed a bunch of singles into hundreds.  That one got a lot of lawyers’ attention. 

It was a wonderful and enjoyable evening, and it was good to hang out with another part of the APA community – not that there’s anything wrong with hanging out with APA lawyers; it’s just that a change of pace from time to time is welcome.

Thanks to Andrea Louie, Executive Director of a4, and her staff who helped put the event together with Liza Sohn, Student Outreach Committee co-chair.  We had so much fun, we might do it again soon.  Stay tuned.  Here are some photos from the evening.