On September 19, AABANY co-sponsored with Chase a CLE program on “Social Media Marketing Made Simple for Attorneys” at Chase’s branch at 253 Broadway, right by City Hall.  The seminar was organized by Margaret Ling, Chair of the Real Estate Committee, and Pauline Yeung-Ha and Wendy Yu, Co-Chairs of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee.  Pauline spoke on the panel with Vikram Rajan of Practice Marketing, Inc.  They provided a wealth of information about how social media can be an effective tool to market one’s practice.  The discussion included ethical issues relating to advertising and solicitation via the internet and social media platforms.  One CLE credit in the Areas of Professional Practice category was awarded to all attendees, and AABANY members go their credits for free. 

Thanks to Chase for co-sponsoring and to Margaret, Pauline and Wendy for putting on the event.  To learn more about the work of the Real Estate Committee, you can email Margaret at [email protected].  To learn more about what the Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee does, you can contract Pauline and Wendy at [email protected].  For a few photos from the event click on the image.