On December 12, Executive Director Yang Chen led yet another road show, this time at Davis Polk. He was joined by Davis Polk alum Vince Chang and AABANY Vice President Finance & Development Bobby Liu. If you haven’t heard of our road shows already, they are showcases at law firms and law schools on what exactly AABANY is and why a person may want to join. Long story short, we exist because people don’t think we need to exist; Asian Americans suffer from the model minority myth, yet we are vastly underrepresented in positions of influence, leadership, and power in the legal profession. For the full spiel of why we exist as a bar association, feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected]. Maybe we can do a road show at your law firm or law school.

This time, the affinity group of Davis Polk graciously hosted us during their meeting over a delicious plate of Indian food. We shared not only our upcoming events such as the Annual Dinner, but also our personal stories with the young lawyers of color in attendance and how they might benefit from bar association participation. Thanks for hosting us, Davis Polk! (Special thanks to Sagar Ravi for organizing.) We hope to see you again soon.