FALANY’s and LEGACY’s Legal Advocate Mentorship Project: Apply to be a Mentee or Mentor Today!

The Filipino American Lawyers Association of New York (FALANY), in partnership with LEGACY | NY, is proud to announce its inaugural Legal Advocate Mentorship Project (LAMP). FALANY and LEGACY invite college students and young professionals to apply to be a part of this exciting program. Applicants need not have a firm commitment to a legal career; all we are looking for are individuals who are intellectually curious, open-minded, and committed to giving back to the community. We also invite lawyers and other legal professionals to apply to contribute to LAMP – legal professionals can serve as Mentors, host Mentee events, lead workshops, and more.

Through mentorship and experiential learning, LAMP will introduce young Filipino Americans and Southeast Asian Americans to the wide spectrum of career options in the law.  LAMP will span the duration of the Spring 2015 semester, from late January to April. LAMP seeks to alleviate the underrepresentation of Filipino and Southeast Asian Americans in the legal profession by cultivating the next generation of lawyers in these communities.

LAMP is founded on three pillars: (1) Mentorship, (2) Community, and (3) Immersion. First, LAMP will enable Mentees to meet with Mentors, legal professionals, on a one-on-one basis so that they can learn more about the practice of law in an intimate, safe space. Second, Mentees will meet every two weeks as a group to hear from speakers, participate in workshops, and develop a robust community among themselves. Third, LAMP will set up immersion trips so that Mentees can observe the practice of law in real-time; trips will include visits to open court sessions, meetings, and other events.

Apply to be a Mentee by January 9, 2015 at http://bit.ly/applytolamp.

Legal professionals can apply to be a Mentor by January 9, 2015 at http://bit.ly/mentorforlamp.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to [email protected] or [email protected].