Speaker Carl Heastie Appoints Assemblyman Ron Kim to Head the Legislative Task Force on New Americans

Yuh-Line Niou, Office of AM Ron Kim
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Albany, New York – Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie officially announced that Assemblyman Ron Kim will be the new chair and head of the Legislative Task Force on New Americans. Founded in 2001, this task force has focused on researching and advocating for policies and programs that have direct impact in the immigrant communities throughout the state of New York.

Speaker Carl Heastie states, “I am pleased to announce that the Assembly Task Force on New Americans will be chaired by Assemblymember Ron Kim, who in 2012 earned the distinction of becoming the first Korean-American elected to office in the State of New York. Our state has been the nation’s international gateway for over 150 years and today, is home to one of the largest immigrant populations in the world. It is because of their rich contributions that we have become a beacon for cultural awareness and diversity. I look forward to Assemblymember Kim’s leadership and to the efforts this Task Force will undertake to improve the lives of these special New Yorkers who are such a celebrated part of our country and our state’s identity.”

Assemblyman Ron Kim states, “As the new Chair of the Task Force on New Americans, I will work with my colleagues in the state legislature to make sure we continue to provide as many opportunities for new immigrants to succeed in New York State. Whether you are a new American who wants to open a new business, attend college, or find a descent senior center, our entire nation will benefit when we can attract and retain hard-working immigrants to be part of the American Dream. In this tough and competitive global economy, we need to continue to promote policies that will perpetuate our status as the land of opportunities.”

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, the past chair of the Task Force, states, “New York’s large and growing immigrant community has a devoted lawmaker on their side and a fierce advocate for justice in Assemblyman Ron Kim. As the new Chairman of the Assembly Task Force on New Americans, he brings to this leadership position his deep-rooted concerns and understanding of the international social, political, and economic forces shaping our State.  I am honored to work with Assemblyman Kim and to support his important work to improve the lives of all those who call New York their home and especially those that call New York their new home.”

Assemblyman Francisco Moya, main sponsor of the Dream Act, states, “Assemblyman Ron Kim will make a stellar Chair of the Task Force on New Americans. He is committed to helping new immigrants become new New Yorkers. Finding effective pathways to help new immigrants become fully integrated members of the family of New York is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. I know that Assemblyman Ron Kim will lead the Task Force on New Americans with foresight and purpose.”

Steve Choi, Executive Directior of the Immigration Coalition of New York, states, “We wholeheartedly congratulate Assemblymember Ron Kim, a strong ally and friend to the New York Immigration Coalition, for his new role as the Chair of the Task Force on New Americans. We look forward to working closely with him to create more opportunities for New Americans in New York and further our State’s prosperity.”