On Sept. 9, AABANY held a “How to Pitch Panel” in advance of the Fall Conference’s Pitch Sessions. One of the most candid discussions in AABANY’s recent memory, panelists shared their opinions that 90% of the time, a person has made their mind before the pitch, and 100% of the time you spend with a person could be a part of the pitch you give them one day. 

Thank you again to the panelists:

  • Sonia Low, The ONE Group
  • Austin So, Heraeus
  • Clara Ohr, LUKOIL Pan Americas
  • Bobby Liu, MD Sass

Special thanks to host and moderator Larry Wee, Paul Weiss. Thanks to Vice President of Programs & Operations Marianne Chow for putting the event together and ordering those delicious sandwiches from Num Pang. Thanks to George Hang for helping out. Finally, thanks to all those who attended. We hope you learned something new or at least enjoyed yourself. We know we did.