On February 2, AABANY hosted a Road Show with the Columbia Law School Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, explaining to the students the barriers to advancement and how AABANY helps to develop skills and contacts to overcome those barriers. Thanks to Executive Director Yang Chen, Membership Secretary and Career Placement Committee Co-Chair Irene Tan, Membership Co-Chair Jack Chen, and Board Director and Corporate Law Committee Co-Chair Larry Wee for scaring the students straight.

For those looking to get more involved, become a member! 

Check out the live-feed from the event below.

Happy to Road Show for @ColumbiaLaw. As stated by @aabanyEd Yang Chen, we exist because people don’t think we do. pic.twitter.com/JFQTSZXcg2

Don’t wait until you need a job until you start networking. -Jack Chen, Membership Committee Co-Chair pic.twitter.com/PKZ0vvyPZ1

If you can’t communicate, “Yes, I am the person for this job, and you can trust me with your livelihood,” then you will disappear…. Skill set and contacts. That’s what AABANY is about. -Larry Wee at the Columbia APALSA Roadshow

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You want to be with people have made mistakes so that you can learn from them. You don’t do that sitting in your office.

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