On February 9, we hosted one of our most important events of the year, the AABANY Annual Meeting, at Skadden Arps, our soon-to-be President-Elect Dwight Yoo’s office. The Annual Meeting held the Elections for the 2016 Board of Officers & Directors, reviewed the year, and presented some important awards. Thank you to everyone who made it.

President Will Wang called the meeting to order, establishing quorum with Recording Secretary Ligee Gu. Treasurer Naf Kwun presented the Treasurer’s Report; Membership Secretary Irene Tan presented the Membership Secretary’s Report. President Will Wang and Executive Director Yang Chen presented our Year-in-Review and Committee Reports. The Year End Report has been made available online.

Thanks to Immediate Past President Clara Ohr and President-Elect Susan Shin for tallying the votes. Bylaw changes were approved for the following year. We congratulate our new Officers & Directors and wish them luck for their term, starting April 1, 2016.

  • Dwight Yoo, President-Elect
  • Marianne Chow, Vice President of Programs and Operations
  • William Ng, Vice President of Finance and Development
  • Amy Ngai, Treasurer
  • Ligee Gu, Secretary
  • Tristan Loanzon, Membership Director

Directors joining our Board:

  • James Cho
  • Jung Choi
  • Suhana Han
  • Sapna Palla
  • Manisha Sheth
  • Irene Tan
  • Pauline Yeung-Ha

For developing their leadership pipeline and their efforts to raise more Asian Americans to the bench, the recipient of the Committee of the Year Award was:

Judiciary Committee
Chaired by Robert Leung and Linda Lin.

For our inaugural Event of the Year Award, we could not settle on a single event, so the award went to:

Prosecutors’ Committee
For their Annual Reception Honoring Deputy U.S. Attorney Joon Kim and Family of Fallen Det. Liu
Chaired by Kin Ng, Monica Huang, and James Lin


Career Placement Committee
For their Inaugural Diversity Career Fair & Expo at our Fall Conference
Chaired by Irene Tan, Robert Leung, and Michael Park.

Finally, the MVP Award went to

Marianne Chow

for her extraordinary service as an officer and leader, transforming AABANY by elevating its operations and raising its profile in the last two years.

Congratulations to our award recipients and newly elected Officers & Directors.

We thank everyone for helping to make the past year great, and we hope that you will continue to be part of the AABANY family in FY2016.