On May 18 at Paul, Weiss, Steve Chung led Part II of Group Mentoring, a workshop series dedicated to developing the leadership potential of young attorneys. The panel started with the personal stories of each of the panelists, who emphasized not only their jobs and their accomplishments, but the individual characteristics that made them confident in their abilities and well-suited for leadership.

  • Steve Chung, NBCUniversal
  • Larry Wee, Paul Weiss
  • Susan Shin, Arnold & Porter
  • Divya Jayachandran

Group Mentoring covered a wide range of topics on how each person could take responsibility for their own development, touching upon:

  • Cultural differences that particularly affect Asian Americans
  • Individual annoying characteristics of bad networkers who are tone-deaf and selfish in conversation
  • How to stop thinking about yourself and be present in a conversation
  • Millennial and the stereotype of entitlement

And much, much more. Those who attended the panel can provide anonymous feedback here. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, including all the panelists and Paul, Weiss for hosting. We’re already looking forward to the next installment of the series.