We would like to recognize the great work by one of our prominent members, Eve Guillergan, who served as a member for the Electoral College of New York during the 2016 election. Appointed by Democratic Party officials, she was one of 29 delegates pledged to Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is a considered a huge honor to be selected as a private citizen as most of the electors are elected officials. Eve was the only APA elector in Albany during this momentous occasion and may be the first Korean or Filipino elector in New York State history.

The 538 members of the electoral college nationwide met and voted for President and Vice President on December 19, 2016.  The New York electoral college met at the State Capitol building in Albany. Eve served as an elector alongside President Bill Clinton, Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Public Advocate Letitia James, mayors of Albany and Buffalo, and more. Each of New York’s 29 electors cast paper ballots for president and vice president. The electors deposited their ballots one by one into wooden ballot boxes in the Senate chamber. New York’s 29 electors unanimously voted for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. There was a ceremonial process of proceedings that was overseen by Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

A video of the electoral college can be seen here.