On Sunday, March 5th, the AABANY Intellectual Property Committee and the Young Lawyers Committee hosted a laser tag event in Long Island City. To quote an attendee, it was their “best Sunday! Having fun and making new connections!”

The group played three rounds. In the first round, played as four mini-games, the team that won was the one that had the last person standing in their team. Both teams were tied in the wins. In the second round, the objective was to successfully place a briefcase bomb inside the other team’s base. In this round, each team rotated to play defensive and offensive positions. Both teams came very close to placing the briefcase. The last round was called Domination because it was 15 minutes of nonstop action with each team trying to dominate the possession of the light. In this round, everyone had unlimited lives and ammo.

The list of people who signed up came out to have almost an even number of genders, so the teams split into girls versus boys. The ladies were impressive in their teamwork and strategy. The men were impressive in making the most kills. Each team played fairly well in each round. Most of all, everyone had tons of fun and bonded very well. 

This type of activity was highly enjoyed by all the attendees and the IP Committee and the Young Lawyers Committee hope to organize more social activities like it.