On Monday, April 24, AABANY co-sponsored a book presentation reception at Fordham Law School for A Short & Happy Guide to Networking by Desiree Jaeger-Fine.

Dean Matthew Diller presented welcoming remarks. Judge Denny Chin gave special remarks to introduce the author, Desiree Jaeger-Fine. Desiree explained why she wrote the book, as an introverted LL.M. student who was told of the importance of networking upon her arrival in New York and not knowing the first thing about how to network. The concept of meeting up with strangers and having coffee in hotel lobbies but not being able to ask for a job during the meeting was completely befuddling to her. Lucky for us, she figured it all out and wrote it up in a concise volume designed to demystify the process for the rest of us.

After her remarks, Desiree drew business cards from a basket for a raffle to give away ten Kindle copies of her book. Executive Director Yang Chen was one of the fortunate ten. He very much looks forward to reading the book.

Congratulations to Desiree on A Short & Happy Guide to Networking. To learn more about it and get your own copy, go here.