Dear friends and colleagues,

I am asking for your help. After a 3-month halt in our ability to enroll refugees and asylees in a critical social services and employment program, we are seeking to enroll clients once again! The specific program that we are emphasizing provides cash assistance to eligible clients (as an alternative to welfare), as well as case management, education assistance, and job placement.  

Please refer without delay any and all of the following:

·       Asylees

·       Arriving derivative asylees

·       Cuban/Haitian Entrants and Parolees

·       Certified Victims of Trafficking

·       Special Immigrant Visa holders from Iraq and Afghanistan

·       Refugees who have moved to NY

We will happily screen all referrals and follow up. We have expanded our presence in the Lower Hudson Valley, so please do not hesitate to refer based on geography. Please let me, Gladys Valverde ([email protected]) or Tea Psorn in the LHV ([email protected]) know if you have anyone to refer. Please provide the following, if available:

1.       Client name

2.       Phone # and/or email

3.       Date of status – Enrollment in some programs is very time sensitive – please refer as soon as possible after the date of status, preferably within 31 days of the status date.

4.       Language

5.       City of residence

6.       Age

We sincerely appreciate your assistance and support!

In community,

Kelly Agnew-Barajas
Director of Refugee Resettlement
Catholic Charities Community Services
80 Maiden Lane, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Office:  212-419-3726 │Cell: 917-284-1179
[email protected]
New Americans Hotline: 800.566.7636
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